Friday, January 7, 2011

1/7/10 - Four for Friday

Ha ha....just couldn't make up my mind today.  These were all taken during the pick up Nathan from school process.

At a stoplight on the way there.

I'm SO happy I caught was the reason I brought my camera in the first place.  Nathan's look as he first sees me. It's always such an exciting part of the day. I was walking in I hear the teacher say "I like how quietly Nathan Carroll is sitting".  I'm a proud mama!

Some of Nathan's schoolwork sitting on the passenger seat in my car.  Taken while Nathan got into his car seat.

Nathan is reading the word "Dolphin" on the side of the building.  No...really!

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  1. How come I didn't notice all those great things when I drove to pick up Nathan? Take that back -- I always noticed Nathan was the best of all the kids in the class -- and that he is so very handsome!