Monday, May 30, 2011

5/21/11 - Daddy's Little Helper

Some days bring a wealth of cute photos.  Today was one of those days.  I thought I got the photo of the day several times.  Here are a few of the runner ups.

 Getting ready to go play outside with Mommy. Look at that perfect little face.

Outside on his trike...having a blast and being silly. Adorable.

Was absolutely positive this was going to be the photo of the day.  I just LOVE this action shot. 

That was going to be it, until Daddy asked Nathan help him do some work in the garage.  I mean, come on.  How cute is this!?!

5/20/11 - Getting Dressed

Having learned my lesson from the close call the day before, I decided to take today's photo bright and early.  This was taken as Nathan was getting dressed and ready for school.  He does such a great job dressing himself these days. It's amazing watching him become more and more self sufficient. 

I wanna know how is it that he's camera ready even at the moment when his little head pops up out the top of the shirt. Pretty sure I don't look nearly this cute when I do that.

5/19/11 - Last Minute Kitty

Man, I almost dropped the ball today. This shot was taken at about 11:35pm.  Cutting it really close.  Luckily, Steinway was laying there on our bedroom floor looking perfectly photographable.  Yes, he loves to lay on his back.  It's really cute until you try to brush out all the matted fur that he gets from doing this. 

5/18/11 - We Love Disney

Nathan and I went to Disney by ourselves today.  It's just awesome that we get to go pretty much once a month.  We have the best time together. Decided to just use the iPhone today...much more simple when I don't have to worry about the big camera. 

It was a very slow day at Disney, so we got to do a ton.  The lines were so short! 

I'd been trying for quite some time to get a decent photo of Nathan driving one of the cars at Autopia....and finally discovered the secret.  You have to be in the car with him!  Was fun trying to snap his photo as he glided smoothly (ahem) along the track. 

5/17/11 - Hide and Seek

Rich is such a great and attentive Daddy.  He always has time for a fun game with Nathan.  Here they are playing hide and seek....a game that Nathan is finally starting to get the hang of.  He used to just laugh and giggle and give himself away with a big loud "HERE I AM" whenever someone went looking for him.  Now he keeps it mostly together and actually lets you discover him.  So cute and fun.

Nathan decided to hide in his bedroom, under the covers.  A clever hiding place I'm sure you'll agree.

Daddy checks the bathroom in Nathan's bedroom. (my hiding spot).

Nope...not there.

Daddy figures it out.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5/16/11 - Haircut

Nathan loves getting his hair cut. His was getting rather long lately, so I finally decided it was time to go. We go to one of those little kids places that have toy cars as barber chairs.  He gets a kick out of may not know this, but cars are Nathan's "thing".  You can't see it, but there is a big 4 wheeler under his cape.

Nathan was all smiles in the chair.  Toy Story 2 was playing on the big screen t.v. and well, Nathan is just a happy little kid.  After he was finished, he rode in the little coin operated space ship, and we just stuck around for a little while while Nathan ate his lollipop and played with the toys there.  No balloons today, but Nathan didn't seem to mind.  I'm really enjoying this stage of Nathan's little life. He just has so much joy for everything!

Here's hoping he has as much fun when he has to go to the dentist for the first time.

5/15/11 - Charades

I came up with the brilliant idea that Nathan was probably old enough to play Charades. He can read well enough now that we could write down simple actions or animals and act them out.  Nathan picked up on the idea really quickly, it seems he's finally learned that it's more fun when you don't just shout out the answers in a guessing game.   Nathan still needs to sound out the words phonetically, so when it's his turn we send him out of the room to the bathroom so he can read the slip and he comes back and acts it out for us. 

Lemme just say....It's amazing how much the world opens up when you can read!  Sure we could have played the game with one of us reading the clues to Nathan and the other one guessing...but Nathan felt so proud that he was able to do it all by himself! 

A few photos from tonight's game.

Nathan reading one of the clues.
the card said "washing your hands"

Daddy doing "go down a slide"

Nathan "licking a lollipop".
Nathan did great with this difficult one: "hurt your leg"
The reward after each turn was one M&M! YUM!

Monday, May 16, 2011

5/9 - 5/14 - Tough Week

Here is almost a full week's worth of pathetic photos.  I just didn't have the energy, inspiration, or motivation to come up with anything better this week.  At least I did take a picture every day.  Art? No.  Done? Yes!

Monday 5/9/11 - Dinner on the Road
This is my dinner on Monday night.  Was late leaving for chorus, so I knew there would be no time to stop and eat.  I just grabbed some leftovers and jumped into the car for chorus.

Tuesday 5/10/11 - Tulips
I really wanted to take a nice picture of the tulips Rich picked out for Mother's day...but instead I took this. Done!

Wednesday 5/11/11 - Morning TV
I took this shot at about 7am.  Was SO happy to have the day's picture done and over with. Does it matter that it's horribly underexposed and I chopped off his foot? Not to me!

Thursday 5/12/11 - Quick!
Quick...find something photo worthy before the day is over.  Nothing photo worthy?  Then snap the fruit.

Friday 5/13/11 - Hydrangea
I was so excited to see today that the hydrangea actually did develop some color after all.  Was I excited because I really wanted something other than green flowers this year? Yes...but even more exciting, I had something to take a picture of today.

Saturday 5/14/11 - Headshot Location
Had a headshot session today.  Grabbed a snap at one of my favorite locations to shoot close up shots at my local park.  There is really amazing light in this uber glamorous spot.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

5/8/11 - Mother's Day

I'm afraid the picture situation is going to get a bit out of hand today.  I've taken well over 300 photos today and I've just got to share a nice representation from the day.  Look away now if large numbers of someone else's family photos make you queasy.

As soon as I woke up and got out of bed, Nathan promptly told me that I had to stay in bed.  I instructed him to tell Daddy if I needed my camera he'd better bring it to me.  Nathan brought me my camera and then said he wanted to cuddle.  So cuddle we did.  And I got a nice photo of it.

I wasn't thrilled that Nathan's face was a little covered by his arm, so I asked him to pose for another one.  So he did.  I got his entire face in this one.

What a GOOF!

Rich and I decided that we'd rather honor our budget than buy presents this I got one of the best time tested and mother approved gifts.  Breakfast in bed!

Rich rooted through my computer for some of my photo textures and created not only a breakfast menu, but also a menu of daily activities. 

I chose a combo of "Peaceful & Solitary" and "Family Fun". 

I finally got to open the gift Nathan made me at school. 

It's an adorable refrigerator magnet and clip.

For my "Family Fun" portion of the day I requested that Rich take me and Nathan to the "run around park" for a mommy and son photo shoot.  I have several adorable pictures of me and Nathan all messy and sweaty after hiking, but wanted one where I actually was prepared to have my photo taken. 

It was so much fun.  Nathan didn't give the genuine smiles away easily...but we managed to grab a few of them.

Then, Rich and Nathan played ball as I messed around with the camera some more.  I'm so glad I didn't put it away because for the first time ever I found myself in the perfect situation to capture a silhouette.  I've been wanting to do this for so long. 

My official photo of the day for Mother's Day is my new favorite photo of the two very special people who are responsible for making me a mother.

It was truly a wonderful day and I feel like the luckiest Mom and wife in the world.  I'd say it was a successful celebration of motherhood. 

5/7/11 - One Person's Trash....

About 2 years ago Rich and I...with Nathan in tow...were running on our usual running route when we came upon something wonderful.  Someone had put this big train table with two drawers full of trains, tracks, and decorations, out on the curb.  This is a fantastic thing that is a common occurrence in Los Angeles.  It's often too hard to get rid of large items, so people put them on the curb for anyone to claim for themselves.  Rich and I checked with the people who owned the table to make sure they were throwing it away and asked if we could take it. They said yes.

Woo train table!

We brought it home and cleaned it up and it has been a huge hit.  The only problem is that the thing really IS huge.  Rich and I have given up the landing in our bedroom that we had dreamed would be a nice dressing area for us.  Turns out, it's much more valuable as a train station. Nathan has spent many hours amused by the train set.

Rich often likes to play with Nathan setting up the track and trying to make the perfect track where you can go from any one place on the track to any other place on the track.  He gets a little obsessed with it.  I think he spent a good 2-3 hours straight working on it today.

5/6/11 - Present from Nathan

Snapped this late in the evening...just before I ran out of time for the project.  Some days are easier than others.

This is my Mother's Day present that Nathan made at school.  I love the little card so much!  His little hand prints are the most adorable thing ever and the card inside says that his heart loves his mommy. So sweet!

5/5/11 - Calla Lilies

This was an impulse buy at Home Depot yesterday.  Nathan got the pick the color and he picked Purple of course. 

5/4/11 - Watering the Plants?

Or, were we watering Nathan?

As stated a few days ago...Nathan loves to help me with the chores when he can.  He especially enjoys anything that involves spraying, so watering the plants is just about one of his favorite things.  Today was a gorgeous day...sunny and very warm.  We were out watering the plants, and somehow the task ended with Nathan getting completely drenched.  It was the most fun I've had in a while.  We both laughed and laughed so hard!  You couldn't hear it, but I bet the plants were laughing too.

I just had to grab the camera and capture it.

5/3/11 - Open House

Tonight was Open House at my school.  I wasn't sure I would be able to go...but then I realized that Nathan was probably old enough that he could handle being there.  So after work I went and picked Nathan up at school and we went right back to my school where Nathan enjoyed playing all the instruments and playing with all the other kids.

His favorite thing to play that evening was the drum and the cymbal.  It was so amazing to listen to him playing the same rhythm over and over.  He was clearly practicing it and trying to perfect his music the way he wanted to hear it.  What a fine little musician I have.

5/2/11 - Home Blessing Hour

I'm a fallen fly baby.  I did really well with the Fly Lady routine for about 4 months...then disaster hit.  The house got really clean. So clean that I couldn't justify cleaning over the million other things I needed to do.  So, of course the house is now a wreck again.

Though I have fallen behind with most things "fly", I do try to keep up with my weekly Home Blessing Hour on Mondays.  Nathan loves to help which is really great.  He helps with washing the many mirrors and dusting.  He just loves spraying the mirrors with the Windex and following me all around the house dusting the low things that are "too low for Mommy".  It sure does make the Home Blessing Hour so much more fun.  Can't wait until he's old enough to help with all the other things on the list as well. 

Nathan was so excited the day his little Nathan sized duster arrived! Look how much fun he's having dusting away.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

5/1/11 - Making a Comeback!

No, not plants!  Thanks to Plant Doctor Mema many of my plants have managed to survive me.  I've followed the given prescription of water and sunlight and so far so good. 

I can't believe I actually have little flower buds on my hydrangea. appears that they are going to flower green...but I don't care!  Not only is it alive, but I'm going to get flowers this year.  I'm a little bummed that the acid solution didn't color my little flowers, but I do love green.

 I haven't had flowers on my jasmine in years!  It smells so lovely on the patio. 

 Technically not a comeback, but last year's tomatoes performed so horribly that I'm hopeful that these first blossoms may turn into tasty tomatoes this year.

And though it's not the prettiest of the is the most dramatic comeback.  I introduce you to the comeback kid of my spider plant.

You should have seen this thing a few weeks ago!  I know most of you probably think it's nearly impossible to kill a spider plant.  Well, you're right...but I got really close.  This thing was the most pathetic excuse for a plant you've ever seen. was born a spider plant and as such has a fighter's will to live.  Live on spider on!

Thanks again Mom!  I'll try to keep them alive through the Summer...I promise!

4/30/11 - Happy Accident

Went hiking with Rich, Nathan, and our friend Paul.  Took lots and lots of pictures which I will bombard you with in a minute.  But first! 

I was taking a picture of this little purple flower when the most wonderful little surprise happened...a perfect black and white butterfly landed right on the flower I was shooting. I can never seem to catch a butterfly when I'm trying to....but here I was, not even thinking about it and I get the perfect opportunity.  The only sad part is that I wasn't using a better lens at the time.  I had on my cheapo walk around lens so I wouldn't have to worry about it getting hit by a rock or something.  The cheapo lens did a great job though! I'm thrilled with the shot.

The other shot I really wanted to get on the hike was one of the waterfall.  I've been wanting to get a nice shot of moving water for about 2 years now.  I never have a tripod when the opportunity arises so I can never get what I want.  Today was no tripod...BUT there was a broken cement rail that was seemingly built to cradle my camera perfectly.  It held the camera in place, pointed down at the water below, so I could let the shutter speed last long enough to get that nice painterly stream of water.  WOO HOO!

And now I shall beat you over the head with random snap shots and photos from the day.  Let the beating commence!

Nathan in time out.  This is an inevitable part of every hike.  This one happened in the first 10 minutes when Nathan threw a rock in the general direction of some nice people just after Daddy said not to throw the rock.
Daddy helping Nathan throw a giant stick.  Incidentally...nowhere near any innocent bystanders.
Thanks Rich....a rare photo of me and my little boy.
This is one of my favorites.  Rich kept saying...okay, Nathan we've got to keep moving.  If we keep stopping every 2 minutes to play with the rocks or sticks we'll never make it to the waterfall.  No joke...Rich said this literally 2 minutes before he stopped and tried to show Nathan how he can whittle something out of a stick.  Bwahahahaha!
The cheapo lens causes some crazy lens flare!
Mommy: "Nathan...don't look at the camera"  "Please...just don't smile"  "Nathan, stop smiling!"  "Look over there and be sad!" "NATHAN!"