Sunday, May 8, 2011

5/2/11 - Home Blessing Hour

I'm a fallen fly baby.  I did really well with the Fly Lady routine for about 4 months...then disaster hit.  The house got really clean. So clean that I couldn't justify cleaning over the million other things I needed to do.  So, of course the house is now a wreck again.

Though I have fallen behind with most things "fly", I do try to keep up with my weekly Home Blessing Hour on Mondays.  Nathan loves to help which is really great.  He helps with washing the many mirrors and dusting.  He just loves spraying the mirrors with the Windex and following me all around the house dusting the low things that are "too low for Mommy".  It sure does make the Home Blessing Hour so much more fun.  Can't wait until he's old enough to help with all the other things on the list as well. 

Nathan was so excited the day his little Nathan sized duster arrived! Look how much fun he's having dusting away.

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  1. Send him and his Windex and Nathan Feather Duster my way!! How wonderful to see him delight in helping and doing chores! That is a wonderful start on a life time of useful work. Whistle while you work -- a spoonful of sugar -- Hi Ho, Hi Ho. There is no ethic more valuable than taking pleasure in work. Keep it up, NayNay!