Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10/5/11 - Hot Cocoa

Hooray!  Today was a chilly, rainy, October day.  The perfect day for the first hot cocoa of the season.  Enjoyed in the mug Nathan made me last year for Mother's day.

10/4/11 - Crazy Kid

Today was a very busy day, but I did make sure to spend some time to take Nathan to the park this evening.  Nathan asked if I was going to take pictures.  I said yes, but that I wouldn't ask him to pose or look at the camera or anything.  He said.....but can I make funny faces for the camera?  But of course!

After playing on the playground for a bit Nathan practiced on his glider bike.  He was doing so good that he was even able to put his feet up and glide while balancing.  I'm so excited!  This kid is going to be ready for a regular bike before you know it!

As we were about to get in the car....Nathan looks up and says. Look, Mommy....a Dinosaur!  :)

10/3/11 - Laminating

I spent the majority of today laminating and creating posters for my classroom.  Here is a little abstract photo of the excess laminating plastic lying on the floor of my living room.

10/2/11 - Late Again

I got caught up working...or maybe playing...on the computer and was an hour late for tonight's photo.  GRRRRRR!

10/1/11 - October is Here!

Found this leaf on the ground while playing outside today.  Looks like it's Autumn after all.

9/30/11 - Happy Birthday Nathan!!!

Today was Nathan's 4th birthday.  As is becoming tradition, I picked him up from school...went to the grocery store to select his birthday balloons and took him to the run around park for some birthday photos.  Daddy met us there and we opened his first present.  

He's gotten a bike of some sort every birthday for the last 3 years. This year the bike is a glider bike.  It has no pedals and is supposed to be better than training wheels at teaching balance.  He just loves his new bike!


9/29/11 - Caterpillar

I was walking through our office when I noticed this little intruder.  How this little guy got on our office floor is beyond me.  Nathan and I took him outside and I got a few snaps before he was on his way.

9/28/11 - School Work

Just a quick snap of the school work Nathan brought home today.  It's just so fun to see him grow and learn.  A year ago he couldn't use scissors at all and his coloring was just random scribbling.   Here, he cut, pasted, and colored.  Can't wait to see what he's doing next year.

9/27/11 - Another First

Today was Nathan's very first trip to the Dentist.  I feel bad that he was a little scared because he saw that the last time Mommy came home from the dentist, her mouth was hurting a lot.  I tried to tell Nathan that it wouldn't hurt...but it's such a lie.  You can't tell someone a trip to the dentist won't does!

Nathan did really well.  His teeth look good and they were able to do a little bit of cleaning.  It did hurt him a bit as they tried to clean the back of his lower front teeth...and he was so brave but did start to cry just a little.  They cut the visit short right there to try and make sure his first visit was a positive one.  He got a new red toothbrush that he just loves....a green ring that I call his "Green Lantern Ring", a cool dentist mask, and a trip to the candy store. 

9/26/11 - Lesson Planning

I go back to work very today was a huge curriculum paperwork day.  Quick snap of my workspace.

9/25/11 - Goodwill Trip

We took a trip to Goodwill today to look for spoons.  We were unsuccessful at finding spoons...but I did get a few maternity appropriate tops, Nathan got a cute stuffed crocodile, and I got my picture of the day.

Nathan got a little antsy near the end of the while Rich was checking out I took him outside to play a bit.  He had a little fall which made him super grumpy.  The official photo of the day is Rich trying to cheer him up from inside the store.

9/24/11 - Harborlites Show

Tonight was the Harborlites Annual Show.  I snuck my iPhone on the stage between sets for a quick snap. 

9/23/11 - Nature Hunt

I took Nathan on a little nature hunt around our neighborhood this morning.  It was such fun keeping our eyes peeled for the small things in nature that we might take for granted.  It was a really great learning opportunity for Nathan.

9/22/11 - Big Shoes to Fill

Nathan in his Daddy's shoes.

9/21/11 - Porcelain Crowns!

They're teeth are finally done.  This dentist visit was much quicker and easier than the last one.  They removed the temporary crowns and put on my new, permanent, all porcelain crowns.  They're so much prettier than my old teeth....but they feel SO WEIRD in my mouth. 

Rich insists on photo bombing me whenever he's around.

9/20/11 - Memory Game

Nathan is always asking...."Mommy, will you play with me".  Now, Nathan's idea of fun and my idea of fun don't always match.  Nathan wants to play with his around the ring around the rosie...etc.  I want to color, paint, read books, do puzzles, play board games....pretty much anything that allows me to remain stationary.  I finally decided that if Nathan wants to play with Mommy, we need to agree on the game.  Tonight that meant that Nathan agreed to playing card games with Mommy.  Hooray!  We played memory and go fish and I got to sit on the couch the entire time.

9/19/11 - Toys Left Out

We're supposed to have Nathan put his toys away before bed....but we don't always remember.  I'm glad we didn't tonight.  He does the cutest things with his cars.

9/18/11 - Late Night Self Portrait

Rich just had to get in on the act.

9/17/11 - Bugle

Nathan loves this bugle....although if you ask him he'll tell you it's a trumpet.

I was too exhausted at the end of the school year to bring all of my stuff home in poor Nathan had to live without the "trumpet" for the entire Summer.  Today we had our first staff meeting of the year.   The meeting was in my classroom which gave me the perfect opportunity to bring it home to Nathan.  I really wish this were a photo of him playing it...but I didn't have my act together enough for that.

9/16/11 - Chinese Walrus

Nathan playing with his Chinese food tonight.

9/15/11 - Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Donuts were one of the only things I craved during my last pregnancy.  Today Rich brought home a bunch.  They didn't last very long.

9/14/11 - Plane Crash at Ranch

I had a headshot session today at my favorite headshot location...Paramount Ranch.  When I got there I was a little worried that we might not be able to shoot because there were lots of trailers in the parking lot.  Fortunately...I learned that they wouldn't be shooting until much later in the day and it would be okay for us to shoot.

Upon entering the ranch....I saw the most unusual sight.  They had crashed a plane in the old west!  Apparently this was for an episode of CSI.

Had to get a shot.

9/13/11 - Motorcycle Kid

Just a cute shot I got of Nathan while we were outside playing with his motorcycle trike.  What a tough kid!

9/12/11 - LAPD

I was sitting at the computer today when I noticed that it sounded like a helicopter was circling my house.  In Los Angeles, it's always a little frightening to hear a helicopter circling your house!   I went on the back porch to see if I could see the helicopter, but I couldn't so I went back to the computer.  But I kept hearing I checked out the front door...and yup...there it was...the reason for the helicopter.  Right across the street I see some men standing around and another man handcuffed and lying face down on the ground.  No police cars yet.  I imagine that this was the end result of some sort of hot pursuit.  Moments later several police cars arrived and I grabbed my camera to try and take a photo as safely and incognito as possible.  Then I locked my doors and ran inside in case this guy had an accomplice.

It's hard to see, but the handcuffed man is at the feet of the two men on the far left side of the photo.