Wednesday, October 5, 2011

9/27/11 - Another First

Today was Nathan's very first trip to the Dentist.  I feel bad that he was a little scared because he saw that the last time Mommy came home from the dentist, her mouth was hurting a lot.  I tried to tell Nathan that it wouldn't hurt...but it's such a lie.  You can't tell someone a trip to the dentist won't does!

Nathan did really well.  His teeth look good and they were able to do a little bit of cleaning.  It did hurt him a bit as they tried to clean the back of his lower front teeth...and he was so brave but did start to cry just a little.  They cut the visit short right there to try and make sure his first visit was a positive one.  He got a new red toothbrush that he just loves....a green ring that I call his "Green Lantern Ring", a cool dentist mask, and a trip to the candy store. 

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  1. Good to start out young with a positive experience. Yay for our little Green Lantern -- brave and strong -- and with beautiful teeth!