Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6/11/11 - Happy 90th Grandma!

Today was my Grandma's 90th birthday celebration and I'm just so overjoyed that I was able to be there.  My Mom's side of the family really knows how to have a get together.  It's always a major event filled with food, fun, and music.  My Grandmother had 5 daughters...most of which had more than the average number of offspring of their own. This made for a childhood filled with the most enjoyable and chaotic reunions imaginable.  Music has always been a big part of our family life and it's always a big part of the gatherings.  There is pretty much always a "talent show" of some sort.  Today was that day.  Grandma gets to sit back and be entertained by her brood and the brood of her brood.

Here is Grandma watching her 5 daughters sing one of her favorite tunes.  Just look at the joy on her face. Beautiful!

A simple portrait

Here is Grandma showing off.  She's been working hard at being able to stand.  Great job Grandma!

Here is Grandma showing that she is still so very young at heart. 

Wheel chair dance

And lastly, but not least...the official picture of the day.  I just love this one. My Grandma, hitting a pinata while wearing her favorite hat....some of the multitude of her great grandchildren waiting their turn behind her.  She gave that thing one good whack!

6/10/11 - On the Road

A few quick iPhone snaps as we traveled the great distance from Los Angeles, California to St. George, Utah.  This weekend is my Grandma's 90th birthday celebration all wrapped up with a family reunion.  Sadly, Rich couldn't make the trip so it was just Nathan, Mema, and me. 

6-9-11 - Mutant Lollipops

As you may have seen in previous posts...I've taken to making my own lollipops at home.  I had been looking everywhere for plastic sticks that you can use in hard candy, and finally found some. Sadly, you can't just pour the hot candy right over top of the sticks or they warp and swell.  So, I just learned from the supplier that you pour the candy in the mold and wait 2 minutes then put the sticks in.  Hmmmm...I tried that and I'm pretty sure 2 minutes is too long.  It was nearly impossible to shove the sticks into the already hardening lollies. 

Back to the drawing board. Must get this perfected as it is so much more enjoyable eating a lollipop off a plastic stick. Those paper sticks are just plain icky.

6/8/11 - Everybody Dance!

Today was my last day of work.  Technically, my official last day was last Friday...but, a music teacher's job is never done.  SO...I was at work a few days this week helping the students prepare for their annual Multicultural Dance Program. 

These aren't my students....but aren't they just so cute! 

6/7/11 - First Ultrasound

It's safe to post now that the cat's out of the bag.  Today I had my first ultrasound at about 7 weeks pregnant. After some high fever, the OB wanted me to come in immediately and check the little bean.  Everything looked great so far.

6/6/11 - I've got a fever

and the only prescription is more Tylenol. 

Man, I'm just sick and tired of being sick.  At least the fever is going down.

6/5/11 - What's That?

Close-up image taken with my iPhone. Far from the best macro lens....but, ya know.

So....what is it?

Updated July 25th with the answer.  This was taken in the ER when I had that high fever that had my OB so worried.  This is a close up photo of the wrist band they put on me.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

6/4/11 - Yahtzee!

Yahtzee was one of my favorite games as a child. There's just something about the sound of the dice that always appealed to me. We decided that while Nathan wasn't really old enough to understand the game of Yahtzee, he was probably old enough to enjoy it...so we played.  It was a great game.  I'd like to say it was close...but with Rich's 3 Yahtzees and everything else filled in as well, no one else stood a chance.

Seriously...who gets 3 Yahtzees!?!

6/3/11 - Mysterious Purple Flowers

UGH!  I really had intended to take my camera to school today for this photo...but I forgot. So, you're stuck with this iPhone photo.  Today was my "official" last day of work, but still need to go back next week to help prepare the 5th grade for a performance, so maybe I'll try again next week.


I'd love to know if anyone has any idea what this plant is.  These purple flowers are all over the campus at my school.  The kids pull out the big petals and suck out a sugary nectar that is inside of them.  So funny to watch the kids all crammed around the flowers and snacking.

UPDATE: When visiting the butterfly pavilion at the Natural History Museum a few months ago, I learned that this plant is called "Mexican Sage". 

6/2/11 - Crackers for Dinner

Poor Nathan was sick today.  He had the shivers, a fever and got sick to his stomach this morning after breakfast.  Daddy stayed home with him and he rested.  I've been feeling a touch under the weather myself lately, so I thought Ramen Noodles would be the perfect meal.  Nathan thought crackers were better.

Poor sick child.

6/1/11 - Corn Fed

My cat is so crazy.  It was about 7 years ago when I discovered that my cat just plain adores corn on the cob.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Corn was cheap at the store today, so I bought a few ears and made them for dinner.  I had completely forgotten about Steinway's penchant for them, until...  While we were eating dinner, Steinway jumped up onto one of the unused chair and was threatening to stand up on the table.  He never does this.  I was wondering what in the world he was up to until I convinced him to come down and he came round to my spot and started meowing his "feed me" meow.

Oh yeah! That's right.  Fine.

Steinway finished my corn on the cob for me.

5/31/11 - Cookie Monster

Some days when Nathan eats really well, he gets a sweet treat.  Today it was a delicious frosted sugar cookie.  I really wanted to get a photo of him eating the cookie when it was big...but he devoured the entire thing in about 30 seconds flat.  I actually had to stop him and tell him to wait for the last bites while I grabbed my camera.

Sheesh! Cookie Monster is right.

5/30/11 - Paper Aviation

It's great when you discover your child is ready for a new activity that you enjoyed so much as a kid.  Rich thought Nathan might enjoy making paper airplanes...and boy did he ever.  He can't really help actually make it too much, but he can fly it.  He played with his new plane all day and bragged about it to everyone he saw.

5/29/11 - Take Me Out to the Ball Game

A good friend gave us some tickets to a Dodger game today.  The seats were amazing! I've never been that close to the field at a pro game in my life.  We don't really follow sports, but I can always get right into the game. The Dodgers killed, by the way.  A very entertaining game.  Nathan particularly enjoyed the concessions.

I was told I wouldn't be able to use my long lens....but I sneaked a shot in there. 

5/28/11 - Love

Here is an example of how my little photograph project actually is helping me to be a better and more well rounded photographer in general.

Had a great engagement session tonight, and because I had played around with shooting silhouettes with Nathan and Rich a few weeks ago, I felt totally comfortable and knew exactly what to do during today's session.  I just love the resulting shots.

5/27/11 - Yogurtland

Very near Nathan's school is this fantastic Yogurt place called Yogurtland.  Every now and then, for no reason in particular, I like to take Nathan there after school.  It absolutely ruins dinner...but who cares. What better bonding time is there than sitting together eating a cup of tasty "ice cream". 

They have a nice assortment of toppings that you can add to the frozen yogurt.  Right now Nathan's favorite toppings include M&M's and Gummy Worms. 

Nathan thought this photo was hilarious.

5/26/11 - TOMATO!!!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this little tomato!  I can't wait for fresh tomato sandwiches this Summer.  Here's hoping I don't mess this up.

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.  Can you tell I'm salivating already?

5/25/11 - Breakfast Playtime

Nathan is often dangerously underfoot while I'm cooking....I had the brilliant idea this morning to suggest that Nathan "paint" while I made breakfast.  I've had this brilliant idea before, I'm not sure why I don't remember to do things like this to occupy him while I'm cooking more often.

I really didn't want to deal with any mess, so his paints are simply cups of water with a few drops of food coloring in it. He had a blast and I had some sanity and my picture of the day.  Success for all.

5/24/11 - Story Time

Daddy reads Nathan a book before bedtime. 

5/23/11 - Last Minute Rich

Rich got kinda mad when I took this shot. Guess he wasn't in the mood to be my last minute subject.  Sorry honey, but I had to take a picture of something and you were the most wonderful thing nearby. 

5/22/11 - Family Game Night

Tonight we broke out the Wii Bowling. Nathan was so cute throwing his ball.  He sure does put his entire body into it.