Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6-9-11 - Mutant Lollipops

As you may have seen in previous posts...I've taken to making my own lollipops at home.  I had been looking everywhere for plastic sticks that you can use in hard candy, and finally found some. Sadly, you can't just pour the hot candy right over top of the sticks or they warp and swell.  So, I just learned from the supplier that you pour the candy in the mold and wait 2 minutes then put the sticks in.  Hmmmm...I tried that and I'm pretty sure 2 minutes is too long.  It was nearly impossible to shove the sticks into the already hardening lollies. 

Back to the drawing board. Must get this perfected as it is so much more enjoyable eating a lollipop off a plastic stick. Those paper sticks are just plain icky.

1 comment:

  1. Still tasted good -- once you got past the oil and soap. Tee Hee --