Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6/11/11 - Happy 90th Grandma!

Today was my Grandma's 90th birthday celebration and I'm just so overjoyed that I was able to be there.  My Mom's side of the family really knows how to have a get together.  It's always a major event filled with food, fun, and music.  My Grandmother had 5 daughters...most of which had more than the average number of offspring of their own. This made for a childhood filled with the most enjoyable and chaotic reunions imaginable.  Music has always been a big part of our family life and it's always a big part of the gatherings.  There is pretty much always a "talent show" of some sort.  Today was that day.  Grandma gets to sit back and be entertained by her brood and the brood of her brood.

Here is Grandma watching her 5 daughters sing one of her favorite tunes.  Just look at the joy on her face. Beautiful!

A simple portrait

Here is Grandma showing off.  She's been working hard at being able to stand.  Great job Grandma!

Here is Grandma showing that she is still so very young at heart. 

Wheel chair dance

And lastly, but not least...the official picture of the day.  I just love this one. My Grandma, hitting a pinata while wearing her favorite hat....some of the multitude of her great grandchildren waiting their turn behind her.  She gave that thing one good whack!


  1. It was wonderful being there and seeing all this for myself -- and thank you, Amber, for documenting it so beautifully so we can relive the joy for years to come!!

  2. These are priceless, Amber!! I am so glad you were there and were able to capture Grandma's beautiful spirit and her joy on this day. I will never forget seeing that pure enjoyment on her face during her Party. (I got a pretty sweet video of that whack, btw. . . .maybe I'll post on FB soon.)