Saturday, June 4, 2011

6/3/11 - Mysterious Purple Flowers

UGH!  I really had intended to take my camera to school today for this photo...but I forgot. So, you're stuck with this iPhone photo.  Today was my "official" last day of work, but still need to go back next week to help prepare the 5th grade for a performance, so maybe I'll try again next week.


I'd love to know if anyone has any idea what this plant is.  These purple flowers are all over the campus at my school.  The kids pull out the big petals and suck out a sugary nectar that is inside of them.  So funny to watch the kids all crammed around the flowers and snacking.

UPDATE: When visiting the butterfly pavilion at the Natural History Museum a few months ago, I learned that this plant is called "Mexican Sage". 

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  1. I've gotta try to figure this out -- it did taste really good!