Sunday, May 1, 2011

4/30/11 - Happy Accident

Went hiking with Rich, Nathan, and our friend Paul.  Took lots and lots of pictures which I will bombard you with in a minute.  But first! 

I was taking a picture of this little purple flower when the most wonderful little surprise happened...a perfect black and white butterfly landed right on the flower I was shooting. I can never seem to catch a butterfly when I'm trying to....but here I was, not even thinking about it and I get the perfect opportunity.  The only sad part is that I wasn't using a better lens at the time.  I had on my cheapo walk around lens so I wouldn't have to worry about it getting hit by a rock or something.  The cheapo lens did a great job though! I'm thrilled with the shot.

The other shot I really wanted to get on the hike was one of the waterfall.  I've been wanting to get a nice shot of moving water for about 2 years now.  I never have a tripod when the opportunity arises so I can never get what I want.  Today was no tripod...BUT there was a broken cement rail that was seemingly built to cradle my camera perfectly.  It held the camera in place, pointed down at the water below, so I could let the shutter speed last long enough to get that nice painterly stream of water.  WOO HOO!

And now I shall beat you over the head with random snap shots and photos from the day.  Let the beating commence!

Nathan in time out.  This is an inevitable part of every hike.  This one happened in the first 10 minutes when Nathan threw a rock in the general direction of some nice people just after Daddy said not to throw the rock.
Daddy helping Nathan throw a giant stick.  Incidentally...nowhere near any innocent bystanders.
Thanks Rich....a rare photo of me and my little boy.
This is one of my favorites.  Rich kept saying...okay, Nathan we've got to keep moving.  If we keep stopping every 2 minutes to play with the rocks or sticks we'll never make it to the waterfall.  No joke...Rich said this literally 2 minutes before he stopped and tried to show Nathan how he can whittle something out of a stick.  Bwahahahaha!
The cheapo lens causes some crazy lens flare!
Mommy: "Nathan...don't look at the camera"  "Please...just don't smile"  "Nathan, stop smiling!"  "Look over there and be sad!" "NATHAN!"


  1. Those are amazing pictures! LOVE the waterfall- wow!

  2. How I wish i could have enjoyed this all with you, precious little family. You have a knack for enjoying your environment to the hilt, and WHAT an environment. What amazing memories for all of you... and us....vicariously. We used to take lots of walks when Rich was little, but have precious few recorded memories of them..alas.

  3. Thank you for bringing us along on the walk with you. Hanging out with my favorite people -- priceless!