Sunday, May 1, 2011

5/1/11 - Making a Comeback!

No, not plants!  Thanks to Plant Doctor Mema many of my plants have managed to survive me.  I've followed the given prescription of water and sunlight and so far so good. 

I can't believe I actually have little flower buds on my hydrangea. appears that they are going to flower green...but I don't care!  Not only is it alive, but I'm going to get flowers this year.  I'm a little bummed that the acid solution didn't color my little flowers, but I do love green.

 I haven't had flowers on my jasmine in years!  It smells so lovely on the patio. 

 Technically not a comeback, but last year's tomatoes performed so horribly that I'm hopeful that these first blossoms may turn into tasty tomatoes this year.

And though it's not the prettiest of the is the most dramatic comeback.  I introduce you to the comeback kid of my spider plant.

You should have seen this thing a few weeks ago!  I know most of you probably think it's nearly impossible to kill a spider plant.  Well, you're right...but I got really close.  This thing was the most pathetic excuse for a plant you've ever seen. was born a spider plant and as such has a fighter's will to live.  Live on spider on!

Thanks again Mom!  I'll try to keep them alive through the Summer...I promise!

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  1. So nice to see blossoms on those plants we tended to while I was there. Glad to see they survived the transplanting -- that is often traumatic, as I can attest. But just as I try to bloom where I am planted, so do these plants. Just think of them every weekday you DON'T work (outside the home, I add politically correctly) and Saturday and that should be enough water. I'll be there again in June and am expecting tomatoes!