Monday, May 16, 2011

5/9 - 5/14 - Tough Week

Here is almost a full week's worth of pathetic photos.  I just didn't have the energy, inspiration, or motivation to come up with anything better this week.  At least I did take a picture every day.  Art? No.  Done? Yes!

Monday 5/9/11 - Dinner on the Road
This is my dinner on Monday night.  Was late leaving for chorus, so I knew there would be no time to stop and eat.  I just grabbed some leftovers and jumped into the car for chorus.

Tuesday 5/10/11 - Tulips
I really wanted to take a nice picture of the tulips Rich picked out for Mother's day...but instead I took this. Done!

Wednesday 5/11/11 - Morning TV
I took this shot at about 7am.  Was SO happy to have the day's picture done and over with. Does it matter that it's horribly underexposed and I chopped off his foot? Not to me!

Thursday 5/12/11 - Quick!
Quick...find something photo worthy before the day is over.  Nothing photo worthy?  Then snap the fruit.

Friday 5/13/11 - Hydrangea
I was so excited to see today that the hydrangea actually did develop some color after all.  Was I excited because I really wanted something other than green flowers this year? Yes...but even more exciting, I had something to take a picture of today.

Saturday 5/14/11 - Headshot Location
Had a headshot session today.  Grabbed a snap at one of my favorite locations to shoot close up shots at my local park.  There is really amazing light in this uber glamorous spot.

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  1. Amber -- you made my day!! I mentioned I was anxious for a feast after the famine and was richly fed -- leftovers, fruit, and even a stop at the restroom. Loved Nathan early in the morning. Boy, do I miss him waking up, asking "Are you sleeping, MeMa?", and then crawling into bed with me. The tulips were cheery and delightful. I'm so pleased the hydrangea developed color finally -- you did it!