Monday, May 30, 2011

5/18/11 - We Love Disney

Nathan and I went to Disney by ourselves today.  It's just awesome that we get to go pretty much once a month.  We have the best time together. Decided to just use the iPhone today...much more simple when I don't have to worry about the big camera. 

It was a very slow day at Disney, so we got to do a ton.  The lines were so short! 

I'd been trying for quite some time to get a decent photo of Nathan driving one of the cars at Autopia....and finally discovered the secret.  You have to be in the car with him!  Was fun trying to snap his photo as he glided smoothly (ahem) along the track. 

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  1. Beep -- Beep -- What a fun time!! Thanks for bringing us in the car with you!