Sunday, May 8, 2011

5/7/11 - One Person's Trash....

About 2 years ago Rich and I...with Nathan in tow...were running on our usual running route when we came upon something wonderful.  Someone had put this big train table with two drawers full of trains, tracks, and decorations, out on the curb.  This is a fantastic thing that is a common occurrence in Los Angeles.  It's often too hard to get rid of large items, so people put them on the curb for anyone to claim for themselves.  Rich and I checked with the people who owned the table to make sure they were throwing it away and asked if we could take it. They said yes.

Woo train table!

We brought it home and cleaned it up and it has been a huge hit.  The only problem is that the thing really IS huge.  Rich and I have given up the landing in our bedroom that we had dreamed would be a nice dressing area for us.  Turns out, it's much more valuable as a train station. Nathan has spent many hours amused by the train set.

Rich often likes to play with Nathan setting up the track and trying to make the perfect track where you can go from any one place on the track to any other place on the track.  He gets a little obsessed with it.  I think he spent a good 2-3 hours straight working on it today.

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  1. The dressing area is the perfect train station -- you can dress practically anywhere else ya know. Looks like it's a nice set up. Never did get to setting up tracks while I was there. Good thing -- provided some quality time for Dad and The Boy.