Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5/15/11 - Charades

I came up with the brilliant idea that Nathan was probably old enough to play Charades. He can read well enough now that we could write down simple actions or animals and act them out.  Nathan picked up on the idea really quickly, it seems he's finally learned that it's more fun when you don't just shout out the answers in a guessing game.   Nathan still needs to sound out the words phonetically, so when it's his turn we send him out of the room to the bathroom so he can read the slip and he comes back and acts it out for us. 

Lemme just say....It's amazing how much the world opens up when you can read!  Sure we could have played the game with one of us reading the clues to Nathan and the other one guessing...but Nathan felt so proud that he was able to do it all by himself! 

A few photos from tonight's game.

Nathan reading one of the clues.
the card said "washing your hands"

Daddy doing "go down a slide"

Nathan "licking a lollipop".
Nathan did great with this difficult one: "hurt your leg"
The reward after each turn was one M&M! YUM!


  1. I wanna play at your house!! You have so much fun together! It's wonderful that you are helping Nathan open up the world through reading. Reminds me of how much the world opened up when he learned to talk. Language and the ability to communicate makes everything better. I look forward to him reading to me when I am there -- SOON!

  2. what a big boy to be reading that all by himself! WTG Nathan!!! And what a fun way to spend some family time together. TFS!