Friday, January 21, 2011

1/21/11 - Friday Night Fun

We've had this toy for at least a year now and I remember when it was purely a source of frustration. Frustration both me (I couldn't put the darn thing together, or break it back down) and for Nathan (it was too hard to play with).  But somewhere along the line, this toy became lots of fun for both of us.  We were having such a great time playing with this thing together that I decided to scrap my original idea for today's photograph and take a picture of Nathan playing with it.

He has gotten so big.  So clever.  So creative.  He's just my favorite person.  A combo of the best of Daddy, and what I like to think is the best of me.  He may also be an interesting combo of the worst of both of us as well...but that's a post for a different day.  Today, I'm filled with nothing but love, joy, and appreciation for my growing boy.  Glad to have captured him playing this evening, and glad that I was able to play with him. 

Look at that expression of focus.  Every moment an opportunity to learn. What it must be like to be 3!

In case you were curious what the toy's a Hot Wheels mini "portable" track with a Shark that tries to eat the cars that pass through its mouth.

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