Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1-4-11 = Procrastination

Here is what procrastination looks like at my house.
So, I've been telling myself all Winter Break that I'll do my curriculum and lesson plan work this week.  Seems like the perfect time.  Rich is back at work, Nathan is back in school, and I still have one week home.  I'm over my illness....it's the perfect time to buckle down and focus.

Now, let it be known...I hate to buckle down and focus.  SO, clearly I had to find some crucial, all important...cannot wait project.  And I did it.  Nathan needed artwork for his walls.  Now, never mind that I haven't painted a THING in over 4 years.  I simply must paint something...today. 

UGH!  I'm crazy....two simple paintings for Nathan's room finished.  Lesson plans.....tomorrow?

oh...and did I mention that now I'm procrastinating cleaning the mess up by writing a blog post?  Seriously...I am sick.

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  1. Certainly that's not something you learned from your Mother. Hmmm, right now I have an attic full of things that need culling and arranging, but I would much rather concentrate on your blog and whatever else FB offers.