Saturday, January 22, 2011

1/22/11 - Different Day

Remember that "post for a different day" I mentioned yesterday.  Well, who could have known that different day would come so soon.  This morning didn't start off well.  As soon as Daddy announced that we should go to the Science Center today, things began to go very wrong.

For some reason, Nathan has this serious self-sabotage thing.  Once he finds out we're going to do something he's really going to enjoy, he starts working very hard to make sure that great thing does not happen.  It was impossible to get him dressed to go with "I don't wanna"s and "I can't"s around every turn.  Seriously...what is wrong with this kid?  Finally Daddy announced that we weren't going.  Tears.  Lots of Tears.

Okay...we can go if you do this, this and this. (sigh) He did.  We went.  We shouldn't have.

The day started out well enough. I had really hoped that one of these would be the photo of the day.

And then....around lunch time (surprise) he just stopped being cooperative.  He ended up in time out in the Kelp Forest exhibit.  Not a bad place to be in time out if you ask me.  Daddy let Nathan know that it was a pretty cool place to have a time out 'cause he could watch the fish.

Here's what Nathan wanted to watch instead.

I'm pretty sure this boy is insane. 
We ended up going home earlier than we wanted.  Luckily, it's close and it's free.  We'll try again some other day.


  1. Just glad to know it's not just my kid! :) He's still adorable in time out!

  2. This reminded me of the time he was in time out at the aquarium. Funny that he stubbornly looked at the wall instead of the proffered fishes.