Friday, April 1, 2011

4/1/11 - Format Change (the April Fools Post)

It always seems like birthdAys make you think...maybe a little too much. Well, 35 definitely made me think!  It has occurred to me on a few occasions that I may be sPending too much time focused on, thinking about, obsessing over, and executing the blog.  I really set out on the project with the attitude that it was going to be simple, but just like most things I do it took on a life of its own.

I bRiefly decided to stop the blog all together...but quickly abandoned the idea as being too severe! I've made a commItment to this project and I'd like to try to see it through.  Instead, I'm thinking that a change in focus wiLl suffice.

Lots of people have themes that help Focus their 365 projects and because I spend most of my time worrying about what I'm going to shoot each day that this change is exactly the thing that will alleviate my worries about the project. I had a friend in college that used to take this wOOden carving of the word "joy" everywhere he went and took pictures of it.  I've heard of other people constructing their blog out of this "pictures of something in different places" concept.  So...I'm gonna do it!  It was a simpLe birthday gift that became my light-bulb moment.  Rich gave me this beautiful figurine yesterday and I just love it!  So, for the rest of the project I plan on taking photos that incorporate thiS little rabbit.

I know most of you enjoy the little personal stories and the small peeks into my simple life, but for now I just need a little break. The stories are bound to rise up again as I expect I will choose photo spots that pertain to my daily life.  But for today I give you simply...

Isn't he cute?  If you look closely enough he has a secret message for you.



  1. Loved the little peeks, especially from a distance, but it's your blog and it will be interesting to see the many scrapes Little Rabbit will find himself in. I looked as closely as I dared and didn't see the secret message. You'll have to let me in on that secret when I get there tomorrow. Glad you had a good day -- and cake!

  2. Oh Mom...did I get you twice in one day?

  3. You can call me Ms. Gullible! I just try to go along and not question my kids too much. Should I be more suspicious? Sorry, that's not in my nature. More observant would have helped. Duh. Good one, Amber.