Thursday, April 7, 2011

4/5/11 - Gardening With Mom

Almost caught up!

Tuesday is a short day at work for me.  I'm lucky enough to get home a few hours before it's time to pick Nathan up from pre-school. Usually I use this time to catch up on the blog...or other AmberBella Photography work. Today I decided to take advantage of the green thumb that hitched a ride to Los Angeles on my mother.  Sadly, my thumb isn't even yellow or blue...much less green. I've got a decidedly red thumb. 

We replaced all the herbs that I killed this winter...and she pruned my impatiens.  (You mean they're not supposed to look like bean stalks? )  We planted sweet basil, oregano, and a tomato.  Last year my tomatoes were the worst I've ever's hoping for better luck this year.

Here she is on my back patio arranging the only thing I didn't manage to kill while she was gone. The fake flowers she placed in the dirt among my dying herbs. :)

That there in the garbage bag is my rosemary.  Sigh!


  1. oh, honey, don't feel bad! how many things are you going to be GREAT at, anyway??!!!
    1. Wife and mother
    2. Singer
    3. Music Teacher
    4. Photographer
    and those are only what I know about...there are probably tons more.
    Do you have to have a green thumb too? please..

  2. To be fair, you didn't mention the lovely red geraniums and white petunias visible just behind the patio table. They were left from last summer, 4th of July, and are looking better than they did when I left. Also, we had to repot the jasmine and the fern in the back patio because they had grown too much. True, we repotted the spider plant as a rescue measure -- but you can't kill them anyway. Impatiens is an annual anywhere else, but here if you keep them pinched back, they flourish from year to year. Of course, they need water occasionally.