Monday, April 18, 2011

4/16/11 - Geo-caching

Rich is supposed to write this post, but he's pretty busy right I'll just give it a quick shot until he comes up with something better.

Rich became interested in Geo-caching during our first year of marriage.  If you know my husband, this should come as no surprise.  Rich has always been fascinated with puzzles, brain games, and code.  Geo-caching combines all of these things into one fun, challenging, and intriguing activity.

If you're not familiar with the concept...basically there are a bunch of people out there who have hidden items all around the world. They left clues to the item's whereabouts and GPS coordinates to help you locate them.  Rich has found a couple of these things, but there was one that proved especially difficult.  Rich and I searched on and off for years for this particular cache. I eventually lost all hope, but Rich...NEVER!  That's not his style.  Finally, several months ago, Rich found the elusive cache.  You're supposed to take a token that's there and leave one of your own.  Rich took one of the tokens, an adorable Nemo bead, but didn't have something to he had just planned on returning on another date to add his token.  Today was that day.

Here is the cache as it appeared on Saturday before Rich added his token.

Nathan really wanted to take the turtle.


  1. Wonderful! Gee -- wonder if there is geo-caching going on around here. How do I discover that?

  2. I probably should have included a link in the post.