Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4/20/11 - Modeling Fee: 1 Lollipop

Just in case you were wondering, that is what Nathan charges for one, sit still...look at the 

We had just finished napping in my bed. (lovely!).  I was waking up slowly as Nathan gently DUMPED out all the toys in the toy bin we keep in our room. He proceeded to play with his Buzz Lightyear laser.  He looked so cute playing that I decided to snap a shot with my nearby iPhone.  Guess my finger got in the way, so I got an interesting light artifact from the presence of my finger.  Thought it looked pretty I decided that it would be the photo of the day. 

Then, I thought better of it.  I decided I wanted to try to get the best photo possible in my bedroom with the iPhone.  So I asked Nathan to come play near the window so I could turn the flash off and try to get some nice light in his eyes.  He went to the window without a fuss, but wouldn't sit still for a photo for me.  (understatement)

That is, until I bribed him with the last Disneyland lollipop.  Silly boy, he was gonna get that lollipop anyway!  HA! 

Can't decide which I like better and white or color.  You be the judge.

I hope this photo adds credit to the opinion that it is the photographer and not the camera that takes a quality photo.  You just need to understand the limitations, strengths, and weaknesses of your camera and the basics of lighting to get something beautiful out of even the most basic tool.


  1. Oh my -- my heart jumped when I got to the picture of the day -- the color one. Wonderful!! I'm glad he found his Lightyear Laser -- he mentioned he didn't know where it was while I was there. I said it was probably in one of his toy boxes, but we moved on to other toys before we went to look for it. I'd sit still for a lollypop too, but I wouldn't look that sweet!!!

  2. I love all the photos, but the color close-up is the one of those I prefer. I would add that the SUBJECT can make or break the photo-op, never mind the photographer or camera!! And this subject never fails to charm...but of course you are preaching to this boy's special choir, you are aware!
    I was so struck by the first photo. Richard has some shots of himself at that age that are dead ringers for this one. Just gave me the shivers, really. I'd not always noticed such a striking resemblance in any of the shots you've done recently, but this one..must be the angle and his expression, so much like his Daddy at this age, it took me back.
    Love always,

  3. Amber, lots of people have fabulous cameras. Few take the kind of shots that you do. His eyes are piercing, feel a connection like you can see into him. Beautiful. Beautiful.