Thursday, April 28, 2011

4/26/11 - Exercise!

My Mom always told me that it was hard to fit exercise in when you have a child.  I thought...Not me! Surely I'd be able to make time for exercise.  HA!  I didn't realize that it's not that there isn't time to exercise, it's just that there are about 1 million other things that you need to do with that time. It's so hard to budget your time when you have 2 jobs, a 3 yr old toddler, and this insane daily blog you started.

I'm certain that if I listed everything that I wanted to accomplish every day I'd discover that I could absolutely do it all...if the day were 38 hours long.

Some things have to get chopped from the list, and the first thing on the chopping block? Exercise!

Well, I'm now facing an all too familiar problem.  My clothes are starting not to fit.  It really stinks.  I actually wouldn't mind having a few extra pounds...but we simply can't afford for me to need new clothes...I've got to get serious and fix this.  SO, today I asked Nathan if he would mind sitting in the stroller as I went for a walk.  He said sure.  I told him he could play with his bubbles as we walked along.  He thought that was a great idea.

I brought my camera hoping I could kill two birds with one stone.  To accomplish this, I took a very short break at the turn around point, halfway through our walk, and snapped a few photos of Nathan playing with his bubbles.

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  1. Did I say that?? Well, true. It was especially hard to get out to play tennis, which was my favorite form of exercise. Somebody had to stay home with the kids. Early on, we brought kids to the court, but they ran all over and disturbed other players. Oh well. The jogging stroller was a wonderful invention -- as are bubbles!!