Saturday, April 2, 2011

4/2/11 - Mema's Here!

Okay, sorry about yesterday's April Fool's post. Rich made me do it.

Back to our regularly scheduled programing.

It has been about 3 months since Mema left and we have missed her terribly.  Tonight she arrived for what will be an almost 2 week visit.  Nathan has been so excited that she was coming..  

Mema's flight didn't get in until an hour after Nathan's bedtime, so she wasn't expecting him to meet her at the airport.  But, we decided that he was behaving well enough this evening that we could push that bedtime back so he could be there to surprise her at baggage claim.

We hid Nathan around a corner and waited for Mema to arrive.  I prepared with my camera as Mema rounded the corner so I could capture her reaction to seeing Nathan. 

And the picture of the day:

Welcome Home Mema!


  1. This picture of the two of them is just absolutely precious. I'm so glad you captured this moment!

  2. What else can I say but how wonderfully the pictures captured the moment -- I was so surprised and then so joyful at seeing that beautiful boy! He ran over to me giggling and crying MeMa, MeMa, over and over again. To hug and kiss him again after a long absence was impossible to describe. Perhaps the photo says it best. Two weeks will be just long enough for me to miss him horribly when I am away again. None of that now -- I will live in this wonderful moment.

  3. oh, my goodness what a reunion. I am so happy for you both and hope that you can enjoy every possible moment together. Such pure, unconditional love; what a gift for you both.
    love always,
    Grandma Adams