Monday, April 18, 2011

4/13/11 - Date Night

Rich and I haven't had a date in months! We decided to take advantage of my mother, world's best babysitter, on her last night here.  I decided not to take my big girl camera, so iPhone photos will just have to suffice.

Rich found this great little restaurant called Flavors of Belize.

It's a tiny place...but the food was incredible and outrageously affordable.  Rich said that someone had recommended it to him...the little liar. The truth is that he had been scouring the internet for a local restaurant that serves conch.  I've been craving conch for almost 3 yrs now.  It seems to be practically impossible to get, but Rich found it.  I was very surprised!

Rich ordered 3 appetizers....each giant and delicious...that cost the whopping sum of $5.   I ordered conch fritters and the conch soup.  Rich ordered the Red Snapper at the owner's recommendation.

As she brought out the bowl of soup, we just both busted up laughing.  It's hard to capture scale here, I included the can of coke in an attempt to show how absurdly large the bowl was.  I had leftover conch soup for days!

As the owner/waitress brought out Rich's snapper, she laughed!  I mean come on! This thing was huge!

The food was some of the best we'd had in a while.  I'm convinced that the red snapper was the best fish I'd ever eaten.  So, basically what I'm saying is...if you're in the neighborhood you should probably check this place out!

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  1. The fish was delicious! I was graced with left-overs. It was my pleasure to give them a night out and have Nathan to myself. I have my own pictures of my last night there -- Nathan's wonderful face smiling at me greets me every time I use my phone. We played MarioCart, read stories, sang songs -- lullabyes, and kissed goodnight. Rich bet I would cry -- he won.