Thursday, April 7, 2011

4/3/11 - Disney Again

Sorry this post is so late.  We've been really busy since Mom got here.  Lots of working and lots of playing.  Trying to catch up quickly.

This was a big day. It's not a surprise that the first full day that Mema was here was spent at Disneyland.  Rich, Nathan, and I all have season passes, but Mema and our friend Paul do not.  Luckily...Paul has a Dapper Dan friend who was able to get Mema and Paul into the park as he clocked in for work. 


We had a great time....except for one tiny snag.  At about noon, we lost Nathan.  We were waiting about in the town square for the Dapper Dans to come perform.  Rich had taken Nathan to see one of the characters and I started taking pictures of the lovely poppies. 

Rich and Nathan returned just as Mom and Paul asked me to take their photo.  I was busy taking this picture when Nathan walked off.

I didn't panic at first.  Just walked around the square looking and looking. Then I realized how many people there were and how hard it was going to be to spot him.  As time passed I worried more and more.  I realized how close we were to the exit my pounding heart and I raced to the exit to alert them.  Now, I really didn't think that my boy had been snatched...but I'd much prefer to be embarrassed at overreacting than be out one 3 yr old if I were wrong.

The lovely people at the exit called over to the lost children center...and Nathan was there!  PHEW!  It all happened in a matter of about 5 minutes.  My guess is that he wandered away from us 3 or 4 yards and then just got overwhelmed by the many sights and sounds of Disney and just couldn't see Mommy, Daddy, Mema, or Paul and started crying.  Someone must have immediately seen the crying child and taken him right over to the land of the lost.

Here is Nathan 7 minutes after the photo above.  The tears had all dried...but his breath was still hitching.  We were able to retrieve him just as the Dapper Dans started singing.  You can see a couple of them in the background.

And the official photo of the day:

Thanks you oh so Dapper Dan for getting us all in to the park! 

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  1. It was a great day -- especially if you forget that 5 minutes of great worry! Thanks to Jason of the Dapper Dans for the complimentary admission. It was so fun riding with Nathan on the E-ticket rides now that he is big enough. I sat next to him on Space Mountain and Big Thunder Railroad and delighted in his delight. My -- he wasn't scared at all! What a big, brave boy! Being there with Paul was a pleasure as well. He has become a dear friend.