Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4/8/11 - Hotel

It's Regional Contest weekend and tonight was spent in a hotel all the way in Pasadena.  What a trek!  Just a few shots taken in the room in the minutes before I had to leave for rehearsal.  My bed, the pretty little toiletries in the bathroom, and our view.

Wish I had a lovely story, but...well, it's a hotel room.

I suppose I could share the joy that was check-in.  I wasn't in much of a hurry...arrived at 7pm and rehearsal was scheduled for 8.  I had loads of time to check in before I had to be somewhere.  I'm glad I wasn't in a hurry because there were about 10 Sweet Adelines and one civilian in line in front of me and only one clerk. Seems that it hadn't occurred to the hotel management that there would be hundreds of ladies wanting to check into their hotel at the same time.  I felt bad only for the poor gentleman directly in front of me who couldn't possibly have anticipated such an odd situation.  

I just gotta say this...if you are booked in a hotel the same weekend as a Sweet Adelines convention...I sure hope you've got loads of patience, a great sense of humor, and an ear for music!

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  1. Bed - check / toiletries - check / view -- astounding! So that's Pasadena at night. Funny, I lived there a year, went there a thousand times, and never saw anything that gorgeous! Great picture, Amber!