Monday, April 18, 2011

4/17/11 - Patty

I had two head shot sessions today...both subjects were Harborlites!

Today's photo of the day focuses on one of the main vertebrae of the Harborlites vocal backbone. This is Patty.  If you're a Sweet Adeline, you probably know who she is.  She's pretty amazing and Harborlites gets to have her.  Patty runs the world's best "warm-ups".  I much prefer the term "skill-building" to warm-up, because that's really what she does.  She starts every Monday night with a full on group voice lesson, and it's wonderful.  When she's done...I get to stand next to her. :)  Not too bad listening to her tenor all night long! 

I could list all her wonderful attributes, and the multitude of her accomplishments, but I'll be writing all night.  Just know she's pretty fantastic....and aint she purty!

Thanks Patty for letting me use your picture for the blog!


  1. Lovely -- and everything Amber wrote is true. Lovely lady, talented woman, dedicated Sweet Adeline. Could go on and on. Yes -- purty!

  2. Ditto to that! What a great shot, Amber!

  3. Aw...Doreen, you stole my line! Ditto to Doreen's Ditto! Love this subject!

  4. Ya'll are gonna make me cry, so cut it out! : )
    I'm pretty lucky to stand next to the most beautiful lead voice in ALL the world. Actually, two of the most beautiful lead voices, with Ashley on the other side. Life is good.

    Amber, you are a photographic genius. Loved, loved, loved working with you and can't wait to do it again!

  5. I'm honored to stand next to her and sing too!! An amazing talent and even more amazing lady!!!!