Friday, April 22, 2011

4/22/11 - Imprisoned Impatiens

I've been wanting to try this for a very long time now. Today being the last day of Spring Break, I thought it was the perfect time to give it a shot.

Man it's tricky.  I went out with a water bottle, spritzed the heck out of my potted garden on the patio and attempted to find decent water drops to shoot. I took out the tripod, but in the end just found it easier to hand hold the camera.  Sure, I didn't have much flexibility in my shutter settings hand holding, but I gained so much more flexibility in shooting angle.

I like this shot, but I'm sure that with practice I can do a lot better.  In fact, I'm out to see if I can find better flowers to shoot as soon as I finish this post. I remember some pretty white flowers when Nathan and I were on our photo walk the other day, so I'm going to see if they are still pretty and if there is a way to get them in a water drop.  Will amend this post later if I am successful.

Until then.  Feast your eyes on this!

That was fun!  Back from my little flower drop trip.  Man, this is a hard trick to pull off out in the "wild".  The slightest wind made this very difficult...and hand holding is shaky business. 

Here is my attempt at the white flowers.  I really love it! 

And guess what else I found.  Another ladybug!  Poor thing got spritzed when I was making water droplets.


  1. Wow! I love the reflections in the drops. Looks like the flowers are doing pretty well. Glad you are watering. lol

    Looking forward to any further pictures you post for this task.

  2. Wow -- love the daisy and the reflections of the daisies. The ladybug looks really interesting on the leaf. Love the close-up work. Is it called macro?? Or Micro? I always get confused.

  3. I loved that daisy reflection too! I am so addicted to this blog. I also love reading what your mom writes. Becky, you make me miss my mom even more!