Thursday, April 28, 2011

4/27/11 - Playing with Scissors

I've really been slacking off with making sure I keep Nathan practicing skills at home.  It has always been my thinking that I shouldn't count on his school to teach him anything.  During the summer I did great! We had daily lessons and activities, but during the school year, I get really brain busy and I too quickly let those lessons slide.

Today I resolved to be better and decided that it would be the perfect day to practice cutting with scissors.  This is probably the one area that Nathan is a bit behind developmentally.  His fine motor skills have always been a touch slow.  He is improving, though.

After we finished cutting several pages from his "I Can Cut" book, we practiced writing his name and tracing different shapes that each other drew.  It's so much fun practicing things with Nathan. Tomorrow...Long Division!


  1. Brookie says he's doing really well using the scissors. He really does concentrate well!

  2. You can see the focus and the attention. He's into it. What DOES his school do with the kids???