Monday, April 18, 2011

4/15/11 - iPhone, youPhone, nathanPhone, weallPhone!

Tonight, Nathan entertained himself at the kitchen table with my iPhone while I made dinner.  I don't know how people managed to parent before the invention of the iPhone.  I suppose they just lived with the children starting fires and stabbing themselves with the kitchen knives at mealtimes?

Joking of course, but I do love the iPhone and how it can keep my child (relatively) quietly occupied.  It has also really helped his fine motor skills improve. 

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  1. ...and his spelling and reading. Seriously, I was so impressed with how great he reads. He sounds out pretty much everything. Knows rules about two vowels together, silent e making other vowels long. English isn't easy -- and he is on his way to mastering it. His conversation is delightful and complex. What a smart boy!!