Thursday, March 31, 2011

3/31/11 - Happy Birthday to Me

I almost forgot about my birthday completely this year.  I'm not so thrilled about getting a year older, but it was nice to celebrate with my family.  Nathan was so sweet this morning. He was so excited that today was Mommy's birthday.

Didn't have much planned for my birthday. Actually, didn't have anything planned for my birthday.  I woke up like always...went to work like always...and didn't expect anything special aside from cake this evening.  I was pleasantly surprised when my husband walked through the door just as I was about to leave to go pick up Nathan from school. I love when he comes home early!

Rich said he wanted to take us all out to dinner and that I should think about where I wanted to go.  He should really know better. I hate picking restaurants.  I really didn't want to make a fuss and just wanted things to be easy, so we finally decided that rather try and go someplace "fancy" it would be best to just walk over to the local Sizzler so that I wouldn't have to worry if Nathan got a little restaurant inappropriate.  We could do the fancy dinner another night when it was just the two of us. It was absolutely the right move!  Nathan did get a little silly...and I didn't have to stress about it!

Walked back home and Nathan and Rich surprised me with a lovely cake, ice cream and...wait for it.....a lemon meringue pie!  YUM!  Happy Birthday to me.  :)

This is my favorite kind of birthday celebration.... a relaxed evening spent with the people I love.  Oh, and a really yummy cake.


  1. Thank you for posting these pictures and telling me about your birthday -- it was almost like being there. Hey, I will be in just 1 1/2 days -- yay! I'm glad you had a special day. Your boys love you and wanted to make that happen. A wonderful family. You -- and they -- and I -- we are all blessed. Happy Birthday to you!

  2. happy (belated) birthday. the most special days (to me) are just like this - laid back, easy, and surrounded by those you love.

  3. Okay, I'm a full on stalker now. I have your page bookmarked. Becky, I love your comments. It's so precious to see how much you love Amber. It makes me miss my mom all the more. Thank you for sharing your art and life with us, Amber!

  4. So glad your day was special, Amber, in the ways that suited your heart. I guess your boys should know by now.
    What a great way to share all of these precious days and times with you, thanks for bringing us along for the ride. I'm enjoying hopping aboard.
    Mom Adams