Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3/14/11 - On the Road Again

Today was an extremely busy day.  I spent the vast majority of the day working on the images from Saturday's newborn session.  I had warned Nathan the night before that Mommy was going to have to work a lot tomorrow and I think it really helped because he was just perfect!  The day went so smoothly. I got tons done, and he seemed to enjoy playing near me, in my lap as I worked, and even by himself in his room for a short while.

The only problem was that I never did take a "photo of the day" break. Perhaps I should have taken a photo of Nathan crawling through the cubby in our coffee table, or the playing cards that he scattered all over the office floor as I worked, or Nathan playing Hot Cross Buns on the keyboard.  But nope....sadly, I was just too busy.

At about 5:00, when Rich got home and I had to leave for Harborlites rehearsal, I realized it would have to be an iPhone day. I resolved to take a photo in the car on the way to chorus.  Now some of you may be thinking that this sounds like a dangerous thing...which would indicate to me that you've never driven from the Valley to the OC at 5:30pm on a Monday.  Trust me...there is no shortage of perfectly safe photo opportunities.  Let me show you why.

If you click through to the larger image you might notice that the MPH on my GPS says 0.0 -  hrmph!  At least I had my iPhone camera to entertain me as I waited.

 Bonus Photo!

Nathan wanted to reprise the previous day's fun of jumping onto the pillows this morning. Since it was so much fun the day before, he insisted I take photos of him as he jumped. SO, I tried very hard to figure out the delay on my iPhone and snap a shot. Here is my favorite resulting image:

Man...that just looks like a horror show! Good thing 3 yr olds are so bouncy and bendy.

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  1. You were a lot happier when we went to chorus together. I drove and you slept. Sorry to see those grumpy faces. No traffic here! My drive to chorus is usually with Anne driving and takes only 10 - 15 minutes. At least for you the drive home is usually less annoying -- just late.