Saturday, March 19, 2011

3/19/11 - Super Moon!

I've been wanting to get a great shot of the full moon pretty much ever since I picked up photography. For some reason I've never been either able or willing to do it.

I decided that tonight was the night. It being a rare and wondrous super moon and all..I had to capture it.  I'm pretty darn pleased with the results.  I also got some fun night photography shots with longer exposures that I think are neat too.

We were a touch worried that I wouldn't be able to get a clear shot because the sky was very cloudy tonight. I do love this shot though. The clouds made for a beautiful scene. 

Check out that lens flare!  Who woulda thunk that the moon could produce lens flare like that. I love it!

I must give my darling husband a great deal of credit for the above photos.  He was clever enough to find the spot where we could get a clear shot of the moon...truly, this was no small feat.  He made sure we had the evening free to go out and get it done.  He is even the sole reason why I have a decent tripod. When I couldn't get a clear shot from my current vantage point, he suggested moving several yards away which was the ticket to finally getting a clear shot. Without him, this would have been a far lesser image, so I hereby officially give him 40% credit for today's photos.  Thanks Rich!

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  1. They are beautiful!! Thanks, Rich! I heard a news report about Super Moon, after the fact though. Will tonight still be good? Well, if not, I have these spectacular photos.