Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3/15/11 - Family TV Time

There has been a wonderful new development in our family. We have discovered perhaps the first television program that we can all watch as a family. Rich thought Nathan might enjoy watching one of our favorite reality shows, "The Amazing Race".  Rich and I always like to pick a "horse" to root for and we got Nathan in on the fun.

Rich picked: Zev and Justin (we need a catchy nickname for these guys)
Amber Picked: the Cowboys
Nathan Picked: the Globtrotters

I've got to say...we've all got some pretty darn good horses this year. It's gonna be a tight race.

Anyway...this evening's photo is just a quick snap of Nathan (and a very blurry Daddy) watching the show together. I always loved family tv time as a little girl and am so excited that we are reaching that place now in our family. Life is good.

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  1. Boy -- do I love this picture of Nathan! Wonder what his process was picking the Globe Trotters. I really looked forward to Sunday night when we watched Amazing Race together. Now I watch here alone, but I still share knowing you are watching and enjoying too. My horses are The Cowboys -- again.