Thursday, March 17, 2011

3/17/11 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm so excited that I remembered to wear green today.  You don't even know.  For the past 5 yrs straight I've forgotten to wear green.  As a school teacher, that just does not fly!  I always have to make something out of green construction paper after I get to work.  But long last....I remembered! No pinching for me. HOORAY!

Rich got Nathan ready for school, so his green is classy and subtle. Greenish pants, green lettering on his school shirt, and shoes with green trim.  He whispered his celebration of the day rather than shouting it.  :)

I thought it might be a nice surprise to go for Shamrock Shakes after picking Nathan up from school.  I also thought it might make a fairly decent photo opportunity. We quickly stopped by Mickey D's to get the shakes and went to the park near our house to make use of the natural green background that is abundantly available there.

I was right.  Here are a few from our super quick "session".

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  1. That's my sweet boy! So glad he wore green -- no pinching for him either. I hope he got the St. Patrick's Day card I sent for him. Ummm, Shamrock Shakes -- what a nice idea!