Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3/16/11 - Charlie Sheen Flowers

These are the first flowers that Nathan and I have instantly agreed on!  We saw these strange Protea flowers and had to have them. They look so neat in our kitchen flower spot.

So why the "Charlie Sheen Flowers" you may ask?  Well, as we were standing in the checkout line...Nathan noticed a funny picture of Charlie Sheen on the cover of one of those gossip magazines.  Mr. Sheen was wonderfully disheveled in the sticking straight up...eyes so wide open you'd think they might pop.  Nathan decided that he looked like the flowers we picked out. HA HA! Clever boy.  So now Nathan calls them the Charlie Sheen flowers; he's so current and topical!

Wish I could remember which magazine it was so I could link to the photo.  He really does look like our flowers.


  1. These flowers are amazing! The red and white closer to the stem is fascinating! The story is so funny. Wonderful how Nathan is able to make such interesting associations. Yes -- these ARE Charlie Sheen flowers! All wild and disheveled. And yes -- Nathan is current and topical. What a boy!

  2. too funny! Love the photos ... really neat looking flowers!