Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3/30/11 - Park Play

Just so happens that I didn't have any pressing work that needed to get done today! A rare day indeed.  I decided today would be the perfect day for a long overdue trip to the park.  With all the bad weather lately we haven't been able to go to the park as frequently as I'd like.  We certainly made up for lost time today.  I had a blast with Nathan and got some fun shots of him playing.  I'm going to share way too many.

It wasn't that long ago that Nathan had a hard time reaching across these.  My how quickly they grow.  Nathan compared these little things to the mushrooms the cars jump across in Mario Cart.  tee hee.

Nathan was trying very hard to keep me from photographing him as he went down the twisty slides.  There are two slides right next to each other and he kept trying to make me think he was going to choose one, and then at the last second change and go to the other one.  He thought that was hilarious!  Joke's on you kid...I still got ya!

Since he was an infant Nathan has adored the swings. Still does. He's trying to learn the proper technique for the "big boy" swings. 

Here is today's official photo and my favorite part of our trip to the park.  Nathan was playing in this little tunnel and I was walking along the outside peeking in the holes you see there and saying "BOO!"  He loved this game.  I decided to try and capture him and all his joy for the game by just placing the camera up to the hole, crossing my fingers that I could get some kind of focus, and snapping.  I can't believe it worked!  Focus isn't perfect...but I'll take it.

Look at how much fun he's having!

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  1. These wonderful photos evoke such pleasant memories of the many times I took Nathan to the park to give Mom some time to take care of "pressing work". We always had such a fun time on all of these playthings. I took a lot of pictures, but they don't look this good!. I especially love the official picture -- how joyful and pretty! Boo! Nathan always loved the tunnel -- I remember once when he helped a littler child -- a little girl -- make her way through the tunnel. I can barely wait for a chance to take Nathan to the park next week!