Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3/13/11 - Sunday Fun!

It just has to be done.  This must be another day of multiple pictures.  There were just far too many snap worthy moments that I could hardly put my camera down for about an hour and a half this morning.

It started just as we were finishing breakfast and Nathan started playing with those Mardi Gras beads he had gotten at school a few days earlier.  As he was playing with them I snapped a few pictures thinking...why couldn't you do this on the actual day of Mardi Gras....but never mind that. He was very cute...swinging the beads in large circles....putting them on his head...creating sculpturesque art with them.  As I snapped away I already figured I'd have a hard time choosing the official picture of the day.

Enter collage #1:

THEN, we ventured upstairs where Nathan continued to be totally adorable.

After a little while, he started jumping off the chest in our bedroom..which he's often apt to do.  I grabbed the camera and tried to get a photo of him mid-air.

THEN Daddy decided to get in on the action and madness ensued. We had silliness galore!

 Official Photo of the Day:

See that little hint of pink in the mirror behind Nathan? That's me. :)

Nathan continued to jump and jump and jump each time insisting that Mommy take a picture so he could see.  Now I REALLY didn't know which picture I'd choose. So I say...why choose? Can't we just have it all? The beauty of the day was...all of it. I can't favor one thing over another. It was a wonderfully enjoyable morning.


  1. OMG! I love them all, but the 'official' shot really takes the cake! When Logan was that age, he identified himself w/ Batman and jumped off of everything on which he could climb - b/c THAT'S what Batman does, Mom! Enjoy this stage!

  2. I was checking out these pictures and posts at the library where I discovered even a chuckle gets attention let alone a Laugh Out Loud. Great, great pictures! Loved the official picture of the day. Wish I coulda been there to participate in the joy of the day, but this will have to do. The official picture is a little scary 'cause you can't see the pillows. I didn't see the pillows until after I saw the official pic. Whew!