Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3/21/11 - I'm Lovin' It

Nathan and I went on quite a shopping trip today.  I promised Nathan that if he was a really good listener at the store that he could get 1 small new toy.  He was such a good boy on our almost 2 hour shopping extravaganza that not only did he get a new small toy, but he also got to have McDonald's for lunch.

Nathan always gets the same thing: "A hamburger, yogurt, french fries and milk."  He has this order memorized and if you were to ask him right now what he wants for lunch, it's a darn good bet that he will say this.

Today we just quickly went through the drive-thru and came right home to eat.  We had such fun playing with the kids meal box and he just loves the "Aqualad" figurine that came with it.  Aqualad lights up...Nathan is such a sucker for that.  However it looks like he may have confused it for his hamburger cause he kept sticking the thing in his mouth.'d think he was teething again or something.

Finally he found his cheeseburger....but boy does he eat it strangely.  By the time I snapped the photo below he had eaten the entire bun and was finally working on the actual burger contents.   3 yr olds sure are messy.

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  1. Boy -- do I miss "a hamburger, yogurt, french fries and milk"! And I miss those looks and those eyes and those interesting ideas of fun. I miss that boy and his charming ways.