Saturday, March 26, 2011

3/25/11 - Childish Centerpiece

I think this must be Nathan's idea of a lovely centerpiece for the table.  This car has been sitting on our kitchen table for about 5 days now.  Does that make me a bad homemaker or Nathan a bad decorator? 

Bonus photo:

 Captured Nathan admiring himself in the sliding glass door during dinner.  I especially love how Steinway is laying on the floor behind us.


  1. You said you wanted some yellow accent in your kitchen, so I think that makes Nathan a great decorator! Captured yourself too. Interesting photo -- because it is in reverse, got me all disoriented. But eventually I figured it out!

  2. You named your dog after a piano? classic!

  3. The cat is black on top and white on bottom. I had no choice! :)