Friday, March 25, 2011

3/24/11 - Follow the Bouncing Flash

This is a photo of Nathan watching himself on You Tube.  He is always so amused with watching himself.  It borders on a problem.  He loves to goof around with his reflection.  It's so bad that if we forget to close the blinds on the back patio sliding glass door in the kitchen...he can't eat because he's so enthralled with watching his little reflection dance, wiggle, and gallivant about.  He ended up in a brief time out tonight because after I closed the blinds during dinner he had a nice little tantrum...he was so desperate to watch himself.   After dinner I showed him a few of his youtube videos and he was pleased as punch.  Nathan TV and a Mommy made lolli....perfection.

As he was watching, I noticed how lovely his smile was and how interesting the light from the computer looked illuminating his little face.  I'm so thrilled with how the light in this image turned out.  It was VERY dark in the room....the overhead light in our office isn't working for some the only light was from the computer screen and my flash.  I pointed the flash directly at the computer screen and it turned out just the way I wanted it. It's a simple little picture....but I had some fairly solid technique going on. I just may come out of this project a better photographer after all. 


  1. I don't know technique from nothin', but the photo is wonderful!! He is so delighted -- both with the lolli and his charming image. Yes -- he always has been. The mirrors in the "office" caught his attention from the time he was crawling and rolling around. It was fun to watch him watch himself. There's a performer in there!! Odd that would happen in that family.