Friday, February 27, 2015

2/27/15 - Day 58 - Yowch!!!!!

Just before leaving work today I accidentally dropped an old TV on my big toe.  What's amazing is that when it happened it didn't really hurt, but I knew it was pretty bad.  My toe was instantly numb and sort of buzzing.  I had a feeling that soon it would be in great pain.  It didn't take long for the entire toe nail to turn purple....which is what you're seeing here. 

Now, because I'm writing this post a month after this incident I can tell you that the actual injury was pretty horrible.  The immense pain that resulted from this incident could not be ignored.  Thinking that it would soon resolve itself I tried hard to ignore the throbbing, radiating, pain, but I couldn't.  I made it as far as Monday night....when I decided to consult Dr. Internet.  Dr. Internet was very clear that a toenail that looked like mine needed to be seen by a real life doctor.  Finally, after 4 days of limping and grimacing I relented and made an appointment with a podiatrist. I continue to refer to this as the smartest thing I've done so far this year.  He fixed it.  I was instantly able to stop limping!  It would take another week and a course of antibiotics for the pain to completely subside, but instantly the pain was reduced by about 80%.  No longer did the bedsheets brushing across my toe make me wince! Hooray!

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  1. Youch indeed! Dumb big old TVs! I never heard if you lost the toenail -- but I imagine you did, or will.