Friday, February 13, 2015

2/13/15 - Day 44 - Music Makers

I can't post today's is prohibited by LAW.  I was teaching "Oh My Darling Clementine" to my 4th graders today.  4th grade studies California, so I always do a "Music In California" unit.  There are a few lessons where I get to use the classroom dulcimers and this is one of them.  Clementine can be accompanied easily with just two chords...on a DAA tuned dulcimer that means just one finger going down and up.  It's a fantastic way for kids to get started playing a string instrument. They love it.  It's a song they already kind of know which makes the addition of playing while singing not too difficult. 

The photo is a panorama shot with my iPhone of all of my (best behaved) 4th grade class playing and singing in their groups.  I took a video of this as well...I really wish I could share it with you because as a music teacher, these are the moments that warm my heart.  30+ children, working together, all singing and playing, helping each other, having a wonderful time enjoying music! 

Oh well, I have to keep this one to myself...but I'm so glad I have it.  You'll have to imagine it.


  1. I love the photo in my imagination! You doing what you love and do so well -- and the kids eating it up!

  2. I would love to see the panorama and see/hear the video - your students are so lucky to have you and the music you share.