Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2-10-15 - Day 41 - Grocery Trip

I hate having to go to the grocery store with both boys, but sometimes it just can't be avoided.  The trip started off well enough, with Nathan working hard to make James laugh....but, by the end.... *sigh* I suppose it wouldn't be a grocery shopping trip if there weren't at least one melt down.


  1. So was the meltdown Nathan's or yours? What did you deny poor Nathan??

  2. Nathan was sad because he for some reason was telling James to throw down a jello cup James was holding. James threw it to the ground and broke the cup. I decided that the fair thing to do was have Nathan put back his jello cup as well. This is Nathan being both disappointed in himself for a not so wise choice and sad that he didn't get the jello. Never fear though, they both got new jello cups at the next shopping trip.