Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2/24/15 - Day 55 - Going Out

Rich will tell you that I'm not much a fan of "going out".  I'm really a homebody.  I prefer to relax at home and do nothing...especially lately when I've been more stressed and depressed than usual.  Rich was home from work early tonight, a real rarity on a Tuesday, and he thought it would be fun to go out.  I was not so receptive to the idea, but said okay.  For me taking the boys to a restaurant is about as much fun as having teeth pulled...but I didn't want to make dinner either, so out we went. 

We stopped by a park first, a park that was far from home. I was a bit irritated that we were venturing so far from home because it was nearing dark and the kids wouldn't have much time to play before it was time to go.  But, Rich is ever the adventurer and thought a new park would be more fun.

Well, Rich was right.  We had so much fun. The park was small but had one of the tallest play structures I have ever seen at a park like this.  It was a little frightening watching James play up that high!  The kids (and adults) all had a fantastic time.  Dinner wasn't even so bad.  I make Rich sit next to James because....well, I just can't.  James is better behaved sitting next to Rich and my stress level sky rockets sitting next to James at a restaurant. We went to this funny little restaurant called the Junkyard Cafe.  It was so fun, all the decor old broken down toys, signs, car pieces, etc....  It was less stressful when the seats you were sitting on were already being held together with duct tape.  The food was great and although bedtime on a school night was later than I was comfortable with, a great time was had by all.

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  1. Rich is so good for you! I'm glad you went out and got these great pics!