Sunday, February 15, 2015

2/14/15 - Day 45 - Valentine's Day

Somehow having two boys has taken pretty much all of the romance out of Valentine's day.  But there is certainly still lots of love. Today I had a date with all three of my boy's.  We ventured out to the Arclight for James's very first movie in a movie theater.  We figured it would be safe enough to bring a 3 yr old to a 10 am showing of the Spongebob Movie.  We were right.  James (who had been a pill all morning) was great as soon as we sat down in front of that big screen.  He was just enthralled for almost the entire movie.

Then, it was to the Cheesecake Factory for a lovely lunch with all the boys I love most in this world. 

I actually have a few pretty cute photos of James at this lunch, but this one somehow seemed to represent the actual experience of going out to a restaurant with James the best.

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  1. Looks like you had the very best of Valentines Days -- spent with all of your best Valentines. So glad James was enthralled with the movie -- there will be many more I'm sure!