Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/17/15 - Day 48 - All Nighter

I really thought that I had planned out the timeline for this Science project flawlessly.  I was very careful to make sure we did everything early enough that we wouldn't have to rush any of the steps.  Well, somehow I missed that the project was due on a Wednesday instead of a Friday like every other large project Nathan has ever had. Well, that meant that we had to stay up a bit late tonight to get the board for his Science project done.  There were only a few tears....mine. (kidding).  Part of the problem was that the kids were supposed to do everything themselves. So, I had to teach Nathan how to use Word to format the text and type out all of that stuff.  Then I taught him how to use the paper cutter to get nice straight lines.  (It was either that or have chicken scratches on jagged scraps of paper)  

Nathan always thinks that these are the best days ever.  I guess it speaks well that the most stressful experiences for me are often the most enjoyable for him.  We got it done and all is well.

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  1. Good under stress -- that's an admirable quality!