Saturday, November 5, 2011

10/31/11 - Happy Halloween

Time to go trick or treating.  Rich and I first drove out to a place that was suggested to us as a really great place for trick or treating.  I think that will be our last time trying to trick or treat outside of our own neighborhood.  It was so unbearably crowded that it took all of my favorite things about trick or treating away.   It was like a very dangerous and crowded factory.  There was no, "what a cute costume".  No, "look at those cool decorations".  No, "you can have 3 pieces".  It was just terrible and I'm so glad that Rich agreed to leave after about 15 minutes of it.

We ventured back to our neighborhood and proceeded to have a blast!  There were some really cool decorations to see...and even a spooky graveyard with goblins that came to life.  Nathan really enjoyed walking up to the doors with the Darth Vader music playing on Daddy's cell phone.  It was just hilarious how as soon as the music started he got into character and marched slowly to the door.  He got such a kick out of frightening the people who came to the door.

I didn't get very many photos because it was just too difficult at the first location we went to.  I had a heck of a time maneuvering the belly, the camera, and the boy....that by the time we made it back to the car I was just fed up and decided to leave the camera in the car at the 2nd location.

Oh, today was also Nathan's Halloween parade at school.  I was so glad that I made it just in time to join him in the parade.  The kids got such a huge kick out of his light saber!

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  1. What a wonderful costume! What a wonderful boy! I'm glad you were able to turn a not so good Halloween experience into a lot of fun. Nothing like your own neighborhood on Halloween. Never saw a scarier Darth Vader!