Thursday, November 3, 2011

10/13/11 - Playground at the Mall

I finally broke down and went shopping for some new maternity clothing.  I just had to come to terms with the fact that I'm just plain bigger this time around than I was with Nathan.  The old clothes were just too uncomfortable to bear any longer.  So, I grabbed the boy and we went to the mall.  I promised Nathan that if he was a good listener he could play in the mall play area for a while. 

Well, Nathan is pretty much always a good here's another iPhone snap while he played his brains out.

He did play a good long while with a few little boys there.  Funny how Nathan plays though.  He just runs around and the boys chase him....but never catch him because my child is FAST!!!  I had to explain to Nathan that kids don't always want to chase you and maybe you should try playing another way with the boys.  That was when the screaming, shaking, and falling to the ground game began.  Boys are so silly.

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  1. I remember a day when I sat and watched Nathan play at that play area while you shopped -- for school clothes, I think. I loved watching him interact with the kids as they came and went. It was interesting how different the play was depending on the personality of the other kids. I think I had as much fun watching as he had playing.